About Us

Sam LeBeau, U.S. Liaison

Thank you for expressing interest in having us guide you and your team on a trip to the Dominican Republic. We strive to provide an experience that you and your players will remember for a lifetime. Our 10 years of experience with baseball in the Dominican Republic and our extensive contacts in the Dominican give us the expertise to confidently provide your team with a safe and rewarding trip. Our goal is for you and your team to 1) have fun 2) have a great baseball experience and 3) enjoy learning about the Dominican culture.

Our relationship with the managers of numerous MLB Dominican academies uniquely position us to schedule a full baseball itinerary for your team.

Below is are quotes from players and coaches who have joined us in the Dominican:

“The trip was an experience of a lifetime and it will definitely help our team out this season. It was an awesome time.”—–Desmond Poulson, Player, BYU

“Our trip to the Dominican was a great blessing and eye opening. The
people there was genuinely kind and unbelievably good at baseball! The
level of competition that we faced was extremely high. I believe in one
of the games we played against a winter ball team there were 5
big-leaguers in the lineup.”—–Austin Millard, Player, Dallas Baptist University

“The level of competition was probably one of the best I’ve seen when it came to the polish and talent of the pitchers.  They all had great stuff and great command, and it was fun to be challenged like that.  It really helped me out in the sense of plate discipline. “—–Ronnie Mitchell, Player, Dallas Baptist University

“The Dominican trip was everything I hoped it would be.  I enjoyed the opportunity to get a taste of how other people live.  Dominican players are so loose and free when they play.  They play every day and seem to really enjoy it.  My hope is that our guys will have a new sense of joy when they play.  I am thankful we had the chance to experience what we did.”—–Austin Knight, Coach,  Dallas Baptist University

“I have been around baseball all my life as a amateur player, professional player, and as a coach. I can say without a doubt Dominican Baseball Camp is one of the best baseball experiences in my life, it not the best! The players come back better baseball players and better people. I had no idea what to expect when I agreed to direct the camp this past summer, and in fact, I was even a little hesitant on going. However, after having been there and experiencing baseball as I have never experienced it before, I have already asked to lock in for next summer.”—–Tracy Smith, Head Baseball Coach, Indiana University

“The Dominican Baseball Camp provides an experience that can not be found anywhere else. For an entire week players are immersed in the Dominican culture while having the unique opportunity to develop their baseball ability through a college coach. For a player looking to experience the Dominican and take their game to the next level, there is not a better experience!”—Eddie Smith; Assistant Baseball Coach, University of Virginia

“The Dominican Baseball Camp is one of the best experiences I have had in baseball. They do a fantastic job in organizing and preparing every moment of the trip. Every single aspect of the trip was well planned and wonderfully done. The trip allows baseball players to experience baseball in Latin America. Between the workouts and games with the Dominican ballplayers, and the travel to different parts of the country, you could not have asked for a better time. The entire cultural experience was worth the time as a college coach, and worth the trip for the players. I was able to witness a lot of how baseball used to be in the United States, just playing the game for fun. I would recommend this camp to anyone looking for a well rounded baseball experience. As a coach, I cannot wait to do it again!”—–Marshall Canosa; Coach, Wake Forest University